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We are a team of professionals with diverse skill-sets who have joined forces in order to offer reliable, high-quality consulting services to organizations in the bio-pharma and medical devices industries, as well as the clinical laboratories sector.

Our areas of expertise include: product development, clinical research, analytics, quality assurance, validations and regulatory affairs.

As veterans in the field who have fought the same battles as our clients in large organizations and early stage companies, we understand your needs and can provide you with cost effective services that are specifically tailored to your company.

Our firm supports your efforts across the entire spectrum of life sciences product development, from early stages of research and innovation, to regulatory submissions and clinical trials. We can ensure that your product is compliant with the most stringent quality requirements within the framework of a reasonable budget without impeding your capacity to innovate and improve.

Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for the services that you require and to provide these services efficiently at competitive prices. Since we are a boutique firm, you will benefit from the advantages of an intimate and direct collaboration. In addition, our wide network of associated professionals is always available to provide you with the highest quality services without you needing to find specialists in each field.


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