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Why Choose Us?

We combine hands-on experience, comprehensive knowledge, and professional competence in a service that is punctual and is always provided with a smile.

After decades of working in the healthcare industry, we feel that we have the knowledge and are prepared to help our peers who face many of the challenges we have encountered. We know what the pressure of being under tight budgets means, we know what deadlines are, and we know what it takes to provide top quality scientific results while taking into account strict regulatory requirements.

We can address the detailed needs of professionals in specific fields of the industry, such as product manufacturing and analytics, or clinical development and logistics. Alongside this, we can work with the top executives in the organization to develop strategic goals and the plans to accomplish them, or tailor the quality management system that the company needs depending on its maturity.

Flag of Canada Canada is the ideal location where advanced scientific and medical expertise meet affordable costs. The high quality of Canadian research and medical practice are well-recognized worldwide. Until lately, the US and Canadian dollar were almost at par, making R&D costs in these two countries nearly equal. Nowadays, not only is the Canadian Dollar significantly cheaper than its US counterpart (worth approximately 70 US cents), but there are significant financial incentives for any research and development work performed in Canada. We can help you find out if you are eligible to receive the tax credits, and importantly achieve your operational and strategic goals by benefitting from high quality research at competitive cost.

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