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A seasoned life sciences executive with experience in biologics, small molecules and medical devices, Valentin is a medical doctor who has established and led companies from inception to major value inflection, including taking public one of the companies that he founded.

During his career, Valentin has climbed all the steps of the biopharmaceutical career, starting as a research scientist and up to the President and CEO level. Implementing lessons learned at each stage and combining them with his medical education, he has led the development of several technologies from scientific concept to advanced human clinical trials. As Senior VP of Development at one of the first cell therapy companies in the world, and then as CEO of a stem cell company, he has been intimately involved in the development of cell therapy products, their manufacturing and analytical processes, while working hand in hand with the FDA and Health Canada. In addition to cell therapies, Valentin has also worked in drug and medical device development.  He has managed clinical trials, has developed clinical and pre-clinical protocols and many other regulatory documents.

Recently, Valentin advised two Fortune 500 companies along with several startups and he also participated in an international think tank debating the future of the healthcare regulatory landscape.

The combination of regulatory, product and clinical development expertise with hands-on business experience allows Valentin to find creative solutions to overcome the diverse challenges that are part of our industry’s day-to-day life.

Valentin was recognized as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum for the development of a stem cell technology for cardiovascular diseases. He is the inventor of over 50 issued and pending patents and is the author of 15 scientific and medical articles in the areas of neuroscience, cardiovascular diseases and blood. Valentin has been an invited speaker at many prestigious scientific and business meetings.

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